Monday, November 24, 2008

More on The Beadwork Journal!

I've already featured Robin Atkins' "Beadlust" blog and "The Bead Journal Project" (BJP) before, but I just saw a new post and I can't stop raving about them. :)

This week, Robin featured on her blog three more members of The BJP, and I'd just like to show some snippets of their journal work...

First, Robin features Christy H, a mother and grandmother.

Her journal "entries" portray different aspects of her life, and I'm just fascinated at how they translate to beadwork, just like I would translate mine onto a sandtray, or crayons and pastels!

Below is Christy H's February entry, "~ Memories & Dreams ~", which portrays relationships that claimed her heart in the past, and her heart dreams for the future...

Bead Journal Project, Memories & Dreams by Christy H

This one, below, is entitled "~ Little Christy ~" and features a sea turtle, for her love of the sea and yellow/orange colors for the exuberance and joy of her childhood.
Bead Journal Project, Little Christy by Christy H
* - * - * - * - *
Robin also featured Lunnette HH. She relates that she (Robin), Christy and Lunette get together nearly every Tuesday afternoon to stitch and bead, and "have the most wonderful, comfortable, quiet, appreciative and non-competitive relationship." Isn't that a wonderful description of a truly nourishing friendship?

Lunette's September journal entry features her extended family, with lots of subtle meanings to the way she's embellished the photos and her fabric selections...
Bead Journal Project, Family by Lunnette HH
In November, Lunette beaded and quilted a piece that honors her love for quilting and two of her quilting buddies...Bead Journal Project, Quilting by Lunnette HH
If any of you like to sew, bead, or work in other ways with fabrics and stitching, this would be a great alternative to journaling with crayons and colored pencils!

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  1. So nice to see you feature this work! And I'm lovin' your blog!!! Hugs, Robin