Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Creative Journal by Lucia Capacchione

When i was in graduate school, one of our schoolmates luckily shared this wonderful book with us. A classic in Creative Journaling, it was born out of the author's own painful, beautiful, and magical process of healing and growth.

I have treasured it always, and was truly so sad! when, after leaving grad school, i couldn't find it in any other library. One fine day, a friend of ours walked into our house, said, "I thought you might like this," and handed me this book! He had found it at a second hand bookshop and had no idea how long i'd been looking for it!

The exercises in here are classic and always highly useful. I recommend it for use with children, teens, adults, and for yourself.

It's now on a reprint, and can be found at (see the Amazon widget, "Great Books to Check Out!" on my sidebar). Dr. Capacchione also now has "The Creative Journal for Teens", "The Creative Journal for Children", and "The Creative Journal for Parents."

Some of the exercises from the book are on an online version of the Journal! Check it out at .
You can also catch Dr. Capacchione at her own website:

Here is a very helpful website on Creative Journaling, by artist and creativity coach Amanda Joy, who was a student of Dr. Capacchione:



  1. thanks for sharing this! i'm teaching a practicum class in marriage and family counseling for pastoral counselors. i'll suggest this creative journaling to our trainees to further their growth process as helpers and healers.

  2. hi there do.gooder :)
    nice to hear from you!
    Yes creative journaling is so helpful for people in our profession, as we need to always be aware of our inner processes and to keep growing. best of luck!

  3. Hi Abbie,

    Thank you for posting my site. I have to say that going through the Creative Journal Expressive Arts training program, under the instruction of Dr. Capacchione, was the best and most challenging thing I've ever done and the fruits of that process are still blossoming.

    I'm curious, how did you find my site?